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weather into
value based decisions

Fight natural disasters with proactive wildfire simulation

Weather based analysis

Creating life-saving insights, out of lightning observations

Manage floods and climate disasters with AI weather forecasts

wrold wide coverage

WII specializes in the development of innovative AI weather forecasting technology. 

Our Weather Artificial Intelligence Engine  (WAIE) is the enterprise’s strongest asset to deal with world biggest climate unknowns.
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Highly adaptable optimized forecast systems to fit any industry needs.


Probabilistic forecasts designed to help clients calculate and reduce risk, maximizing economic return.

Cutting edge

Unique AI/ML modeling capabilities; a synthesis of programmatic interfaces, algorithms, atmospheric science theory, and data constantly collected and processed.

Pinpoint accuracy 

Ultra-high resolution weather data, down to the street level, provides highly accurate, well-in-advance forecasts.
wrold wide coverage

Worldwide coverage 

Utilizing millions of data points to generate a superior, accurate beyond the horizon forecast.

Weather It Is (WII) enables organizations to make weather-intelligent decisions based on AI/ML predictions, reducing risk and maximizing business returns.

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Seamlessly incorporated into any Agtech application our API can provide all weather insights that can help improveproductivity and profitability.
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Energy and Utilities

Increase efficiency and save moneyby customizing maintenance schedule for all your production sights.
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Homeland Security

Coordinate and direct first responders, actions, thus saving lives using advansed floods and wildfire models.
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Improve critical infrastructure protection by taking precise preventive measurements based on accurate forecasting.
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Smart Mobility

Increase accuracy and speed up your service using our ultra-high resolution street level data.
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Predict hazards along flights routes,improve safety and day to day operations using our unique lightning and fog prediction models.   
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Improve risk assessment and save money using our AI weather data platform.
Market Landscape

Weather and Climate  Intelligence Market in Numbers

Economic losses from disasters between 1980 and 2018.
Losses evaluated from wildfires were at a historic maximum in 2017 and 2018 : destroying more than 15,000 homes, business, and other buildings.
Global weather forecasting systems market estimates for 2027
CAGR - 5.29% over 2019-2027. 
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Expert Team
Barry Lynn CTO & Founder

Barry Lynn
CTO & Founder

Specializes in innovative prediction technology for improved forecasts of severe weather, lightning, floods, heavy snow, and wildfire. 30+ years experience in numerical weather forecasting.
Ph.D Rutgers University.
Research scientist at HUJI, former Research scientist at Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, at NASA. 
Yoav Yair Photo

Prof. Yoav Yair

Specializes in atmospheric and space science, and in particular lightning storms on Earth and other planets, atmospheric electricity, solar effects on the atmosphere and climate, air pollution and phenomena in the upper atmosphere.
Dean of the School of Sustainability
IDC Herzliya.
a photo of Prof. Colin Price

Prof. Colin Price

Researcher and lecturer in Atmospheric Sciences in the School of Geosciences at Tel Aviv University. His main field of research relate to global lightning activity, and the connections between lightning activity and the Earth's climate. 
Head of the Porter School of Environmental Studies. 
An image of Prof. Alexander Khain 

Prof.  Alexander Khain 

Researcher and lecture in Cloud dynamics and microphysics; Cloud-aerosol interactions; Lightning in hurricanes, thunderstorms; Atmospheric boundary layer, cellular convection; Numerical modelling of atmospheric processes.
Dean of the School of Sustainability
IDC Herzliya.